A nonbinary romance set amidst a storm, and its character’s struggle with climate anxiety.

This novel tells a contemporary and timely story of love outside the binary, as experienced by today’s teens. In this novel a teen realizing their nonbinary identity and a gender-fluid boy discover together that there’s no longer any need for labels.

Dan has an increasingly common problem: climate anxiety. After a storm devastated parts of Ottawa, it’s hard to get climate change out of mind. Dan goes to help clean up at the school, but only one other person turns up: Levi, who is handsome, progressive— and shows a strong interest in Dan.

And what’s more, Levi is also pondering gender fluidity and the necessity of applying any labels at all.

Dan falls just as hard, and it’s clear they’re going to learn and grow together on this journey as Dan embraces their nonbinary true self.

With unerring accuracy and authenticity, nonbinary romance author Alison Lister’s debut young adult romance is a heart-warming story for this exact moment in history.


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